Superior audio conversion with
UAD world-class A/D and D/A Conversion.

Some prefer the analog sound produced from tube sound processors on the grounds that it is more natural and satisfying than the sound from transistor amplifiers.

Exclusive & Limited Edition Music Production resources that will give you ideas and character to your music. Hands on jamming recordings available to extract best parts. Redefining sound samples libraries.

State of Art Sounds to inspire, motivate to take music production on higher level. Resources, projects, hands on hardware, totaly usable in your music making process. First choice.

Personal insight into music creation process from artists production process. Sounds and tracks from personal projects that you can finish and learn from. Direct insight as well the mindset behind the creation process.

Character of the sound broad with real hardware recorded and processed with world-class converters. Sound vitalizing using Harmonic Valve Tube processors that brings life the the sound.

How much worth for you a sound that will inspire you to finish a great track? Is easy to find sounds but inspiring ones makes the difference. We design and shape sounds to make that difference.

Music is a door to the soul. Is a form of art of bringing emotions. Music bring us together. Life is about collaboration. Investing in your craft will give you the voice that touch souls. Is a constant personal development and learning process.

We showcase music, artists insight, sounds and parts that they crafted for themselves in the process. Raw projects that you can finish, learn from or put your touch. We constantly learn, grow and share.

Using hands on, legendary studio gear, specialized tools and knowledge, we design sounds using trained ears, emotions and patience. We do the sounds and don't let the machines to do it for us. Then we share them with the world.

How about Post Processing? We really believe in the human hearing. Music is for us and about us. We make the decisions and use the tools as an extension to our hands and minds.

Mastering your music is the best decision you can make if you are serious about your music. You can learn the dark art but unless you are very experienced is hard to decide even how to start doing it.

Post processing, vitalizing your music, podcast episode, will give you definitely a plus against average. Is true that people don't know to listen but you want to be an artist between artists. They will play your music and they will be asked who to book on next event.

Nowadays behind most all labels are other musicians that knows who they deal with just listening your sound. Is enough to have a plus.

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